Do you really need a Children’s Entertainer?

So, as much as I’m not really supposed to say this, being in the business of children’s entertainment. The short answer is, well, no. You really don’t need an entertainer for your kids birthday party. Shocking right!?

There’s loads of things you can do to keep your kids and friends busy at a birthday party. In fact I’ve got another blog post here which is 10 games to play at a party. Go check it out if you want to do the games yourself. A lot of them are very simple to setup and easy to play.

Amy, one of our experienced entertainers

So you’re saying DON’T hire you?

Well, no, it sounds like it but hear me out. Why am I saying you don’t need an entertainer. But, surely I should be convincing you otherwise, trying to get you to book me? Well yes that would be nice (check out our most popular party & play package). But there’s a couple reasons, one of them being budget. Having an entertainer can be a luxury but you don’t want to disappoint your son or daughter. I get it. A lot of parents like to play with their kids and have no problem in keeping them entertained.

So why SHOULDN’T you be the entertainer?

But, and here’s the but, planning a birthday party or wedding is stressful. Just because it’s the big day doesn’t mean the stress has gone, it’s always on. Especially if you’re hosting it, so here’s where I step in. Being an entertainer means not only providing fun for the kids but also taking that stress away from you.

So yes, you can do it yourself no problem, but, should you? That depends on like I said budget, but also confidence. Unless you’re a public speaker like a teacher or the like, speaking in front of even kids can be daunting. Never mind trying to organise 40 of them to play the same game!

The parachute is a massively popular prop for games

Here at Everybody Party we offer a variety of party packages. All of them are designed to make the most out of the time at a party. We’ve got the popular party & play package, dance & play or magic & play, all with a vastly experienced entertainer. I’ve got it covered so that you can get back to hosting and focus on the party, not on the stress.

I can take that stress from you right now. Give me a call on 07975731475 or contact me using the contact form and I’ll happily quench your fears and put your mind at ease, our most popular package is the Party & Play option, 2 hours of fun-filled games, music and lights with a FREE balloon model and FREE face painting for every child, plus a funky party certificate for everyone to take home all for just £130 + travel.

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