What To Look For In A Children’s Entertainer

Planning a birthday party is a stressful event, I know I’ve been there. It’s meant to be a fun-filled day for everyone and as a parent, it’s your job to make it happen. From getting a venue to presents, invites, cake, catering, balloons, guests and entertainment there’s a ton of stuff to do!

One thing you really need to get right is the entertainment and there’s a never-ending list of children’s entertainers out there. With all the different themed parties and options possible, it can be really confusing as to what to go for. So here are a few tips to help you select the best entertainment for your birthday party, wedding or christening.

What’s the entertainer for?

What goes down well for a birthday party might not go down too well for a wedding. If the entertainment is themed what might seem like a great idea might not go down too well for the bride and groom.

If you think your child would like a pirate party, ask them! They might be all over it one day and the next change their mind, you know what they’re like! Sometimes a general entertainment package is better as then nobody is disappointed and everyone’s a winner (like our no loser policy!).

Speak to the entertainer!

In this day and age, we’ve got so used to ordering things without even speaking to a real human being. It’s amazing what you can do with just text and email, but it isn’t right for an entertainer. I think it’s necessary to get a feel for them which you can only get by speaking to them.

Everyone can bull themselves up on the internet but when it comes to it, nothing beats a phone call to let you know what someone is about. Are they personable, happy, chatty, bubbly and love what they do or are they robotic and corporate? Where you’re just another customer? I love chatting to customers as I have two small children of my own so chatting to an adult is a welcome break!

Prices and hidden extras

Sometimes what you see isn’t what you get. A lot of entertainers and these bigger entertainment companies will ask you to contact them for a quote. Then they’ll charge per child or they’ll offer you a ton of extras that you just don’t need, with a hefty deposit too.

Always ask them to confirm their prices before the party. I’ve heard too many horror stories about companies demanding extra money on the day of the party. What can you do in that event? They basically hold you to ransom!

Here at Everybody Party, our prices are clear and before the party, you’re given a booking confirmation with the price. No fuss, no bother, we don’t try to upsell you things you don’t need or ask you for a deposit. I know how expensive it is organising a party and nobody needs unexpected things or to pay over the odds.

DBS Checked?

It’s sad to say but the world being what it is, there is any number of weirdos out there. Make sure your entertainer is fully DBS checked and have that peace of mind.

I make sure every entertainer that I give jobs to is fully DBS checked and I personally get to know them beforehand by training them up myself. I know companies that basically take anyone in as long as they’ll put on the shirt and do the job.

Finding an entertainer is stressful. Let me help you!

I can take that stress from you right now. Give me a call on 07975731475 or contact me using the contact form and I’ll happily quench your fears and put your mind at ease, our most popular package is the Party & Play option, 2 hours of fun-filled games, music and lights with a FREE balloon model and FREE face painting for every child, plus a funky party certificate for everyone to take home all for just £130 + travel.

I hope you found this little guide useful and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thanks for reading, Rachel x

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